a whale of a tale

I’ve got a whale of a tale to tell you , lads
a whale of a tale or two..

had some 3 dollar jeans from goodwill…

that are now a fish, i swear!!


ahh the cuteness! …  whales songs of love ❤  …

I’m sending a shout out to Katariina of Mevrouw Walvis for this sharing this amazing tutorial with my class!  My students will be blown away.  How many more pants will be saved from landfills?!

So many things are going on here as I prepare for the first craft fair of this holiday season.

>  Is it really almost the holidays!  Yikes!

Well I’m workin’ as the custom orders keep comin’ in and of course, doing the much needed cleaning and organizing…


 yay!  A sigh of relief!



Hoping this will stand the test of time.  I would love some “organized ever after”….

Until next time, lads 😉


2 thoughts on “a whale of a tale

  1. That whale is the best! I have an old pair of grey woolen pants that I’ve been saving for just such a project. I think they’d be perfect! (My existing sewing to-do list though is so long… do I allow for such temptation… hmmmm….)

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