retail debut

Hi my friends,

Before I get into my long “How cool is that!?” story, I’ll get right to the point:

Some of ME+U’s home decor pieces are now available at
The Wedding Café – Ward Warehouse

Yes, we’ve gone retail and you’ll be able to find our wedding-themed bunting banners, pillows and accessories right here in beautiful Kaka’ako.  Isn’t it swell?

So here’s the elaboration of this fated partnership.  Many years ago, well about 7 or 8, to be more exact, my friend Nikki was looking for a job and while we ate lunch at this cute, tiny Wedding Café–owned by Tanna and Bryson–she applied for a position there.  She got the job.  It was The Wedding Café’s first employee.  And several months later, my dear friend even used her recently gained knowledge to help me plan some of the details of my own wedding.  Years later, The Wedding Café moved locations to their current Ward Warehouse spot.  Another handful of years later, I start teaching sewing across the street of The Wedding Café, and then our paths cross again.  I met Tanna (again) during a photoshoot at the Hifi COOP, mentioned what I do, and heard about some of her creative ideas for the café.  We planned to meet on another date and *poof.  We’ve got a marriage 🙂

ME+U began with baby products, so this isn’t where I ever thought I’d begin retailing my pieces, but hey “first comes love, then comes marriage, then come the babies in the baby carriage!”  Right?!  Plus, surprised always come into my life and where would my babies be (literal and figurative babes), without my man–my rock behind the M.E. and U.  It was after snatching him up that I was able to have my love bugs, find my passion, do my dream job and be on these new adventures.  So CHEERS to everything wedding, my good friends, and growth in unexpected places.

Thank you to all of my supporters!  I’ll be back shortly with some pictures 🙂



2 thoughts on “retail debut

  1. Very neat!!! So proud of you and what you have accomplished! Although we may be an ocean away, we are right there supporting you and Matt and our cherished Cade and Naia!! Sending waves of love to you all!! CHEERS!

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