double time

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tricking up the routine

…so that I could have a new little treat to share with the kiddies and you guys!  (Halloween is lingering a bit around here.  Can you tell?) 🙂

Introducing the Baby Futon.  I can’t take all the credit for these because it was my friend’s examples that I copied and her push that got me to make these.  And as much as she’s loved her own pair for the last 2 years, my kids are already in LOVE with their own set too.

Why is this my next best creation?  It feels just like the way I used to make my bed at night as a little girl… *** when each of my 4 pillows had strategic positions to create the perfect lounge bed of fluff: 1 under my head, 1 under my right arm, 1 under my left arm, and the last 1 under my feet.  HEAVEN in a bed:)***  I know this because I tested it out YUP, and I took a nap on Naia’s futon today.  Naia also approved with an almost-3-hour nap in the dining room yesterday as I painted away ^ _ ^…  4 rested thumbs up.

After a couple weeks straight of making diaper stackers, I have thoroughly enjoyed the tiny break in routine to make these and I’m tempted to make more.  They’re soft yet supportive with 3-4 layers of ooshy goodness (aka batting and foam) and just the right size to make for a cozy, comfy nap almost anywhere.  They’re easy to customize and run from $58 upward, depending on the fabric selection and customizable appliques/add ons.  Fully washable but probably best for a front-loading or larger washer since the approximate size of these is 32″ x 45″.  Please email me if you want one of these in your life 😉

Hope you enjoyed this treat.






“Linda” out