ready for fall break?

These lucky public school kids have a little something called Fall Break coming up.  A WHOLE WEEK out of school.  YIPPEE.  Now, what to do?

Visit to Grandma + Grandpa’s
Run in the sprinklers with the neighbor kids
CRAFT some rad projects at Hawai’i Fashion Incubator!

With all those great Pinterest ideas piling up on your pin boards and the holiday season creeping up, why not?

My mommy friend Anna (BOSS lady @ Mamanu Kids) and I are conducting a week-long crafting workshop for kids aged 4-10, every morning from 9-12pm next week.  We have a variety of crafts that will be centered around each day’s theme: wrap, cut, stamp, build, and frame + party!  Check the class listing here for more details:


Return next week for pictures from each day’s fun.  Until then, you can grab a sneak peek on my Pinterest board + Anna’s Pinterest board of the kinds of projects we’ve been swooning over.  We can’t tell you how excited we are for next week.

Stay tuned…